The Anthropology Department Announces Its Summer Internship Program

Posted by on March 1, 2013
Heather inventorying artifacts from a research loan.

Heather inventorying artifacts from a research loan.

Bishop Museum Anthropology Department announces that applications are currently being accepted for a six-week-long summer internship program to be held in conjunction with the first session of the University of Hawai‘i-Mānoa’s 2013 summer academic term, which will take place between May 28 and July 5. Twenty hours of work per week will be required to complete the internship’s 120-hour requirement. Work in the archaeology lab will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday over the course of the internship.

The program will be conducted with a focus on managing museum archaeology collections. The projects completed by each intern will be assigned with a view toward both providing a variety of learning opportunities, while at the same time helping the Anthropology Department staff complete tasks that are important to the functioning of the department. We currently have several ongoing projects that interns will work on, including a large-scale digitization effort associated with the online Hawaiian Archaeological Survey (HAS) database, general collections organization and maintenance tasks, an integrated pest management (IPM) program, and others. All interns are encouraged to write at least one guest blog for our Anthropology Department blog, as a way to provide some public education and outreach.

Students who will be most interested in the program will be students who are looking to build their resumes for a career or for future graduate work in archaeology or museum studies. The work completed at the Museum will help students to advance their computer skills, as data entry will be an important component of the program, as well as their artifact recognition and handling skills. The program is intended to provide a hands-on, behind-the-scenes look at the curation of archaeology collections in Hawai‘i.

If you are interested in applying, please send an email to Summer Moore, Archaeology Collections Manager, at A limited number of positions are available, so please plan on contacting the Anthropology Department and returning your application materials as soon as possible. Review of applications will begin on April 1.

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