Vegan Taxidermy


Capturing the essence of a living animal in death is not easy.  In fact, it’s something natural history museums have been struggling with since their inception in the 17th Century.  Although there is incredible room for innovation within the traditional realm of taxidermy, artist Aimee Baldwin has taken it to another level entirely.  By spearheading a movement she refers to as Vegan Taxidermy, Aimee is able to construct specimens out of paper that contain all the joie-de-vive of their real life counterparts.  Strikingly reminiscent of naturalist artists and their ability to capture taxonomic characteristics, Aimee’s approach is novel yet firmly rooted in tradition.

Article Aimee Image 2

Using salvaged pellet Styrofoam, she carves, cuts and sands form into function.  Wires are twisted into feet, beaks are crafted from epoxy clay and, lastly, glass eyes are affixed in keeping with taxidermists everywhere.

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