Michael Gloriani Visits Vertebrate Zoology

Michael Gloriani Visits Vertebrate Zoology Vertebrate Zoology Michael Gloriani, a senior undergraduate Biology student at the University of San Diego, visited the Vertebrate Zoology collection to measure some of our chameleon specimens for his research.  He is studying Jackson’s chameleons (Trioceros jacksonii), which are not native to Hawaii and were intentionally introduced to Kaneohe in […]

Danielle Wasserman Visits Vertebrate Zoology

Danielle Wasserman, a PhD student from the City University of New York (CUNY), spent just over a week in Bishop Museum’s Vertebrate Zoology collection examining our Hawaiian honeycreeper specimens.

Malacology- Veronicellidae

Malacology staff, Dr. Norine W. Yeung (Researcher) and Jaynee R. Kim (Research Assistant), and Malacology affiliates, Dr. Kenneth A. Hayes and Dr. Robert H. Cowie, published a manuscript in Pacific Science (November 2016) that identified and assessed the distribution of introduced slugs (Veronicellidae) in the Hawaiian and Samoan Islands.