Ē Hina, ē Hinahele

[Photo: Pele Pukui Suganuma with gourd drum (ipu hula); Hawaiʻi; ca. 1962; SP 30108.] Ē Hina, ē Hinahele Happy Mele Monday! Today’s featured mele is performed as a hula ipu and tells the story of a man whose wife was stolen from him by another. The composer likens his rival to a bird who will […]

RCL Perkins

RCL Perkins by Neal L. Evenhuis, Senior Entomologist Entomology Robert Cyril Layton Perkins (November 15, 1866–September 29, 1955), was an English naturalist known in Hawai‘i as the “Father of Hawaiian Zoology.” When he was just 26 years of age, he traveled from England to Hawai‘i in 1892 to survey its zoology for the British Association […]