Patience Namaka Wiggin

Home Page He Hoʻālohaloha no Patience Elmay Namakauahoaokawenaulaokalaniikiikikalaninui Wiggin Bacon. An expression of aloha for our dear Aunty Pat who left on the path of no return on January 23, 2021, at the age of 100. Within her lived the legacies of those committed to preserving the invaluable knowledge of the past. Her own dedication […]

Piecing Together the Story of Hawaiʻi on Paper

My Bishop Museum Experience: “Piecing Together the Story of Hawaiʻi on Paper” By Candice Soon Home Page We love to hear about our guests’ experiences at Bishop Museum, and how they were affected by the many cultural, historical, and scientific objects and specimens housed here. Meet Candice, an educator and artist, who was inspired to […]

The History of Poke in Hawaiʻi

The History of Poke in Hawai‘i Home Page The Pacific Ocean is a diverse ecosystem filled with a wide variety of sea life. Fish, shellfish, and other marine invertebrates are major proteins for the people of the Pacific. Among the most commonly eaten are fish like ʻahi, ʻanae, ʻōpelu, invertebrates like heʻe (octopus), ʻōpae (shrimp), […]

Plants of Hawai‘i

Plants of Hawai‘i Home Page According to Dr. Tim Gallaher, Botanist for the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Hawaiʻi still has around 1,100 endemic species and 109 indigenous species of plants today. About 131 endemic species only known in Hawaiʻi are now believed to be extinct. Around 27 Polynesian-introduced species also remain in the islands. However, between 6,000 to 12,000 […]


Hōkūleʻa Home Page Hōkū meaning star in Hawaiian, and le‘a meaning gladness: Hōkūle‘a is our star of joy or gladness. Also called Arcturus, our star of joy is an important tool for navigation, along with Hikianalia or Spica. Before the use of modern instruments, our ancestors needed to rely on tools like the stars, currents, […]