Bishop Museum’s Entomology Collections have a long and distinguished record. Its collections serve as the principal US-based entomological resource for documentation of biological diversity and ecosystem studies in the Pacific and Asian regions and are a major national and international systematic resource. The uniqueness and breadth of the collections and their central Pacific location fosters wide international recognition and use, including use as a type and voucher repository.

RCL Perkins

RCL Perkins by Neal L. Evenhuis, Senior Entomologist Entomology Robert Cyril Layton Perkins (November 15, 1866–September 29, 1955), was an English naturalist known in Hawai‘i

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Flightless Flies in Hawai‘i

Flightless Flies in Hawai‘i by Neal L. Evenhuis, Senior Entomologist Entomology The common joke goes …“What do you call a fly without wings? A walk”.

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