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Cover Image: Printing press image featured in the article, “Ke Alaula,” which describes the processes involved in the production of the newspaperKe Alaula, July 1868, p. 14.  

Dear Readers, 

Welcome to our page featuring blog posts for He Aupuni Palapala: Preserving and Digitizing the Hawaiian Language NewspapersThis will be a place where we talk about the history of the Hawaiian language newspapers, share images, throw in some newspaper trivia, and keep you updated on the progress of the project. For our inaugural post, we take you back a few weeks ago to an interview between Kamaka Pili of KHONNews and Kauʻi Sai-Dudoit, our He Aupuni Palapala Project Manager. 

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Cover Image: Detail of mele inoa “Pauahi ʻo Kalani,” composed in 1868 for Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop by her hānai sister Princess Lydia Kamakaʻeha (later Queen Liliʻuokalani). Liliʻuokalani Collection, Bishop Museum Archives. SM 215871.

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  1. Sign me up…I have a deep desire to learn more about our language and history.

  2. Aloha and hoʻomaikaʻi ,

    He mea nui a he mea wai wai hoʻi ia hana! E ʻae ʻia paha e ka poʻe heluhelu e lekauila iā ʻoukou i kekahi mau manaʻo e pili ana i nā moʻolelo e hoʻolaha ʻia ana ma kēia wahi? Ma ke ʻano kūkākūkā paha?

    This is a work of great value! Mahalo! Would you agree to allowing readers to post/share comments on your nūpepa stories with the community of readers? We have no space like this on the internet where ʻolelo Hawaiʻi speakers/ readers can share and comment their manaʻo.

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