The Bishop Museum has one of the most comprehensive collection of Pacific island land snails in the world. The approximately 25,000 islands of the Pacific Ocean harbor more than 6,000 land snail species, most of which are only found on a single island or archipelago. Unfortunately, molluscs, particularly Pacific island land snails, have the highest recorded extinction rate of any major animal taxonomic group, making the Museum’s collection all the more important. This collection (6+ million specimens) includes representatives of many extinct, endangered, and threatened species and more than 300 undescribed species.

Malacology- Veronicellidae

Malacology staff, Dr. Norine W. Yeung (Researcher) and Jaynee R. Kim (Research Assistant), and Malacology affiliates, Dr. Kenneth A. Hayes and Dr. Robert H. Cowie, published a manuscript in Pacific Science (November 2016) that identified and assessed the distribution of introduced slugs (Veronicellidae) in the Hawaiian and Samoan Islands.

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