Welo Hou

Mele are an invaluable primary resource for Hawaiian scholarship and cultural connection. The Welo Hou: Building Connections to the Roberts Mele Collection project, funded in part by the Institute for Museum and Library Services, will improve the digitization, indexing, and accessibility of a unique and treasured collection of mele dating from pre-Western contact to the early 1900s. This pilot project will serve as a model for improved access to and increased engagement with the Bishop Museum Library & Archives’ other mele collections.

Welo Hou, or to unfurl once again, aims to provide more opportunities for researchers of all levels of Hawaiian language and cultural fluency to access the Roberts Collection with ease, and honors the connections between Hawaiian voices of the past and our community of the present.

Aia i Waiehu Pua Loke Lani

[Photo: View of Lahaina waterfront; Lahaina, Maui, Hawaiʻi. ca. 1930.; SP 120999.] Aia i Waiehu Pua Loke Lani Happy Mele Monday! Today’s featured mele dates

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Kāua i ka Nani o Hilo

[Photo: Seated hula dancers with ipu hula at ʻIolani Palace grounds for King Kalākaua’s birthday; Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. The Royal bandstand can be seen in the

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Ē Hina, ē Hinahele

[Photo: Pele Pukui Suganuma with gourd drum (ipu hula); Hawaiʻi; ca. 1962; SP 30108.] Ē Hina, ē Hinahele Happy Mele Monday! Today’s featured mele is

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Aia i Makaoa ka Lua o ke Ala

[Photo: Pāʻū riders; Hawaiʻi.; ca. 1880; Photographed by H.L. Chase; SP 209717.][Photo: Pāʻū rider; Hawaiʻi; ca. 1900; SP 77131.][Photo: Pāʻū riders on the island of

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Kanikau Nalimu

[Photo: Rev. H.B. Nalimu. Born in 1835; Pāpaʻaloa, Hawaiʻi. SP 215173.] Aloha ku‘u Haku i ka Ua Kanilehua Happy Mele Monday!  Today’s mele kanikau was

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[Photo: Young girl demonstrating Hawaiian string figures; Hawaiʻi; SP 103509.] Wa‘ewa‘e Happy Mele Monday! Today we feature a mele hei, or string figure chant, contributed

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No Hilo ‘oe

[Photo: View of Hilo town looking towards Kamehameha Ave. on Waianuenue St.; Hilo, Hawaiʻi.; Ca 1947. SP 120087.][Photo: Aerial view of Niuliʻi; Kohala, Hawaiʻi; Ca

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