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Tyler, Frontline Hospital Worker and Bishop Museum Supporter

Members are a big part of our Bishop Museum ʻOhana. Meet Tyler, a frontline hospital worker, longtime Bishop Museum visitor, and a Bishop Museum Member!

Tyler, Frontline Hospital Worker and Bishop Museum Supporter

Why did you decide to become a Member? 

I go to the museum two to three times a year with family and friends when they come to visit. With the discounted membership offer for medical professionals and free admission with guests, it just made sense to become a member. 

What has been a favorite or memorable exhibit, program, or event for you? 

The surf exhibit, Mai Kinohi Mai: Surfing in Hawaiʻi sticks out. Specifically the history of surfing in Hawaii, development of surf craft, and learning about the mechanics of a wave and weather phenomena impacting surf here in Hawaii. 

What’s a favorite membership benefit? 

 Free admission for myself and 2 guests!  

Bishop Museum’s mission is to inspire our community and visitors through the exploration, celebration, and perpetuation of the extraordinary history, culture, and natural environment of Hawaii and the Pacific. How does our mission resonate with you as a resident of Hawaiʻi? 

My first visit to Bishop Museum was so eye-opening. I really enjoyed studying the fishing lures and ancient tools / weapons of the Hawaiian people and learning about their lifestyle, spirituality, beliefs, and communal-approach life. It was a humbling experience to see and understand the rich love, knowledge, and aloha that is rooted in the Hawaiian people. It is truly something to be celebrated and perpetuated. I believe that starts by seeing, understanding, and appreciating the history of what was here, what has been lost, and what can be retained as we live together in this new and ever-changing world. 

What are you looking forward to on your next visit? 

The opening of the Planetarium! 

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