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Sustainability Partner: June Chee

Cover Image: Hawaiian Electric People Power Volunteer event at Kākoʻo ʻŌiwi.

Image: June Chee, Electrification of Transportation – Senior Program Manager.

Who are you, how did you get to Hawaiʻi, and what does your organization do?

June Chee – Senior Program Manager for Policy and Program Development with Hawaiian Electric’s Electrification of Transportation (EoT) team.

I moved to Hawaiʻi 11 years ago to attend Hawaiʻi Pacific University, pursuing master’s degrees in Business Administration and in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development.

Hawaiian Electric’s EoT team develops and provides electric vehicle charging services for the growing number of electric vehicles (EVs) and the diverse needs of EV drivers across Hawaiʻi.

Why is sustainability important to you and your organization, in Hawaiʻi, and globally?

Sustainability is important to me simply because I love nature, animals, and Mother Earth. I feel lucky to live in a place that connects me so deeply to these natural wonders and motivates me to continue this long-term work.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ground transportation is a key piece of Hawaiʻi’s strategy (and globally!) to decarbonize the economy and counter the harmful effects of climate change.

Hawaiian Electric is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions from power generation by 2045 and electric transportation plays a vital role in allowing us to integrate more renewable energy into our grid. With over 20,000 EVs registered in the state, Hawaiian Electric is looking to support this continued growth and make EVs accessible to everyone through our public charging programs.

Image: Convergence Dance Theatre’s performance Transference

What sustainability projects have you been working with Bishop Museum on?

Hawaiian Electric is building out a backbone network of publicly available DC fast charging stations across Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi Island, and Maui County. The Hawaiian Electric EoT team had the awesome opportunity to work with Bishop Museum to install two EV fast chargers on the Museum campus. Not only is this project helping to build out EV charging for our community, but we also got to work with local artists Wooden Wave to beautify the chargers. The artwork on the chargers looks incredible and really helps to connect the sustainability efforts of Bishop Museum and Hawaiian Electric.

What future projects do you and your organization have planned?

Hawaiian Electric’s EoT team has so many future projects planned. We are working diligently to continue to build out a public charging network for communities across the Islands and implementing pilot projects for make-ready infrastructure for commercial properties and bus operators. We are also staying in tune with all the transportation electrification efforts that are happening nationally and eagerly partnering with local stakeholders and partners to bring those resources to Hawaiʻi.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy dancing, performing, and being a part of the vibrant dance community here in Honolulu.

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